LL COOL J Reacts To Viral Twitter Thread Highlighting His ‘Ridiculous’ Music Video Antics


LL COOL J is a Hip Hop legend with a catalog of hit records and multi-platinum albums, but he also has a long line of music videos showing him doing some pretty outrageous things.

LL’s videos became a trending topic earlier this week when a Twitter thread of his most “ridiculous” moments went viral. The Queens, New York native caught wind of the chatter on Thursday (March 10) and he hopped on TikTok to address his on-screen antics.

“Yeah, I was definitely ridiculous. That’s my goal. I make my own rules,” he admitted before breaking down the various scenes. “Playing the guitar on a young lady’s leg. My father always said when I asked him if he worked out, he said, ‘The heaviest thing I lift is a leg.’ I always loved that. I think I should’ve had two or three girls, though. Should’ve had a whole band, drums and all that.”

LL COOL J continued by explaining the “unhinged, chaotic” scene in his “Loungin” video where he poured chocolate syrup on a woman’s knees in public.

“Definitely was wildin’!” he conceded. “Although I always felt there should’ve been more chocolate, maybe using a giant paintbrush or something and just really go in. Now, looking back, I should’ve went a little further with it, but yeah, it was unhinged.”

The 54-year-old rap pioneer went on to provide context to him stiff-arming kids in the video for LSG’s “Curious” featuring Busta Rhymes and MC Lyte, hopping on a bus while his car was getting fixed in “Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag Getting Crushed By Buildings” and other memorable scenes.

While the new generation of Hip Hop connoisseurs cracks jokes, LL COOL J was recently celebrated in his hometown of Queens with a statue erected in his honor.

Sculpted by Sherwin Banfield and channeling his mid 1980s Radio era, the statue features a bust of LL paired with a boombox and cassette version of his debut album.