Machine Gun Kelly Goes Undercover To Find Out What People Really Think Of Him


Hollywood, CA – Machine Gun Kelly was a recent guest on Jimmy Kimmy Live! where he was tasked with wandering the streets of Hollywood in disguise in an effort to find out what people really think about him. Dressed in a terrible tan suit, striped burgundy tie and white button up and all of his tattoos covered up, MGK was also forced to wear a fake mustache, brown wig and glasses to conceal his identity — or at least try.

The first person he approached didn’t seem to have a clue she was really talking to the Billboard-charting artist and admitted she was “not a huge fan” before calling his new direction a “little forced.” She later called him a “wannabe emo” before he was identified by a passerby dressed as Spider-Man. “Spider-Man, you’re supposed to respect secret identities,” MGK quipped.

A British woman visiting Los Angeles for the first time was a bit kinder, saying, “I like his music. I find the whole blood drinking thing unusual. Congratulations on the weeding. Please don’t sacrifice a goat.”

One of the last subjects he approached turned out to be the same fan who dove off a roof at a MGK concert in Venice, California, and it didn’t take long for him to figure out he was actually talking to Machine Gun Kelly. 

“Do you know I’m Machine Gun Kelly?” he asked, to which the man said, “Yes, I figured that out a little bit ago.” MGK replied, “What was it? The mustache?” The man says, “Uh, the height.” He continued, “I don’t know if you remember, but I’m the guy that jumped off the roof in Venice.” MGK exclaimed, “Oh my god, you’re him?! You won MVP of that whole show.”

Machine Gun Kelly ended the segment by admitting he was expecting a lot of hate but found “a lot of love.” He promptly issued “fuck you internet” to the camera before signing off and strolling down the Hollywood Walk of Fame.