Machine Gun Kelly’s Awkward F1 Interview Gets Him Clowned On Twitter


Machine Gun Kelly did a quick interview with Sky News’ Martin Brundle at an F1 race recently, and it’s gotten social media users talking. MGK seemed to be in a bit of an off mood, resulting in an awkward and confusing interview. While it’s possible that the performer was simply having a bad day, Brundle left the interview feeling as though he had certainly been kicked off of MGK’s “Christmas card list.”

When asked about his career, MGK didn’t answer for a moment, instead nodding in agreement. This prompted Brundle to repeat his question. “Oh, my career,” Machine Gun Kelly then replied. “I don’t think about my career.” He went on to give a vague complimentary explanation of F1 racing. “I think your business is great,” he said. “It’s loud, your life is on the line, and that’s exciting… I was in a studio the other week and Lewis Hamilton was in the other studio. That was nice, yeah.”

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Martin Brundle Chats With Machine Gun Kelly

MGK later asked Brundle to do an “air piano and air guitar collaboration” with him, which the British sportscaster declined. He refused to take no for an answer, however. The artist continued to demand that Brundle pretend to play keys, leaving the interviewer confused.

When Brundle wouldn’t budge, MGK gave the camera a thumbs down before walking off. Social media users are split as to was responsible for the strange interview, while some believe both participants are to blame. Others are simply noting that this was a pretty bizarre crossover.

Social Media Reacts To MGK’s Strange F1 Interview

What do you think of Machine Gun Kelly getting clowned online for his awkward interview? Do you think he deserves the roast he’s getting, or are social media users overreacting? Who do you think is to blame for the interview going south? Share your thoughts in the comments section, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates. Check out some social media users’ reactions down below.

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