Mariah Carey Sons Rapper Who Remixed ‘Shake It Off’ With Gunplay Lyrics


With more than 200 million records sold, Mariah Carey’s music has left too many lasting impacts to count. 

So much to the point even brand new artists are finding new inspiration within their own music. 

Just ask Baltimore rapper YTK, who took Mariah Carey’s 2005 platinum smash “Shake It Off” to shape his own “Let It Off” single, which dropped on Friday (May 7).

Reworking Jermaine Dupri’s verbiage while still keeping the same melodic cadence, YTK lyrically details his ideal gunplay with bars like “I’m bout to let it off/Bitch, I’m posted with the gang/Then I hear you say my name/Before my niggas blow your brain.”

RNB Tommy, CEO of RnB Radar, slyly instigated the scenario on Twitter writing, “Mariah Carey has 24 hours to respond” with a lengthy clip of YTK’s “Let It Off” music video.

The challenge proved to be trivial for the music legend, who not only responded within the allotted time gap, she replied with vinegar and water. 

“How about y’all have 24 hours to respond to my lawyers,” Mariah Carey tweeted while attaching her own “GTFO” GIF.

An unbothered YTK has spent most of his Saturday (May 8) basking in the sudden rise of notoriety, sharing multiple articles mentioning the GIF shade on social media and addressing his growing fanbase. 

“The crazy thing is … I told y’all niggas,” YTK gloated on Instagram before admitting his sky no longer had any limits.

“Every goal that I had for this year got smashed — in a matter of 12 hours!” YTK continued.

“Every goal — out the fuckin’ way! Y’all haven’t heard SHIT! I made that song a year ago, bro! What?”

For her part, Mariah Carey kept it playfully cryptic whether or not she was actually going to follow through with the lawsuit — or possibly wait and see what the royalty check politically correctness could be.

“I don’t know and neither do you!” she replied to a fan (with another self GIF) when asked about her tweet’s true intentions. 

Check out the YTK “Let It Off” video before the lawyers potentially get ahold of it.