Method Man Impressively Bench Presses 100-Pound Barbells In Each Hand


Method Man is one of Hip Hop’s most fit rappers. Over the pandemic lockdown, the Wu-Tang Clan legend has been putting in work in the gym, proving that age is nothing but a number with some powerful displays of strength. 

It doesn’t look like he’s stopped working out either, as he posted another impressive video. On Wednesday (July 14), Method Man hit the gym for chest day and put up 12 reps of an incline bench press with 100 pounds dumbells in each hand. What’s even crazier is that Meth is 50 years old and was on his tenth working set. 

“Hundos,” Method Man wrote in the caption of his repost. “This video is for motivational purposes only! #humblemef.” 


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Last year, Method Man posted a similar video where he completed a 435-pound deadlift while Warren G’s “Regulate” bumped in the background. Method Man’s physique and work in the gym caught the attention of Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel C.S.C.S. 

“This is a pretty clean deadlift overall,” he said. “His hips never rise above the shoulders, and his core stays pretty tight … If there’s a nitpick, it’s that his head doesn’t stay neutral; he’d benefit from shifting his gaze toward the floor instead of looking straight ahead. But that’s a common flaw.” 


Method Man crushed that deadlift with a 475-pound lift in December. Those inspired by Method Man’s fitness journey can grab gear from his new Tical Athletics clothing line, including shorts, t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, and more.