Mystikal Accused Of Forcing Alleged Victim To Pray With Him Before Raping Her


Donaldsonville, LA – Mystikal reportedly forced his alleged rape victim to pray with him before sexually assaulting her.

According to AllHipHop, prosecutors explained the seasoned rapper, who was allegedly high on drugs at the time, wanted to rid the woman of any “bad spirits” in her body before the rape occurred.

The unidentified woman said the incident took place at his Prairieville home on July 30 after Mystikal accused her of stealing $100 from him. He became so irate she said, he physically attacked her, pulled the braids out of her hair, confiscated her keys and cell phone and prevented her from leaving his home.

She also claimed Mystikal threw rubbing alcohol on her before calling for a few “Hail Marys.” She eventually managed to escape and was treated at the Baton Rouge General Hospital for injuries.

Mystikal was arrested in his home state of Louisiana on July 31 on charges of first-degree rape, domestic abuse battery, strangulation and robbery. He was later indicted on separate charges of drug possession after law enforcement  discovered Xanax, heroin, and methamphetamines.

While Mystikal has pleaded not guilty to all charges, his criminal record is marred by similar charges. In 2003, Mystikal pleaded guilty to sexual battery and spent six years in prison. He later spent nearly another two years in jail after a different woman accused him of raping her at a casino in 2017, but the case was ultimately dismissed. As for the latest alleged victim, Mystikal said she asked him for $1,000 and when he refused, she threatened to accuse him of rape.

Meanwhile, Mystikal’s attorney has called the allegations “bogus.” The 51-year-old is currently being held without bond at Ascension Parish Jail. He’s facing life in prison if convicted.