Neek Releases New Music Video, “Toyota Tales”


Neek by name and unique by nature, the Houston-raised rapper has been making significant waves since relocating to LA. Now dropping his latest track titled “Toyota Tales,” he is truly marching towards the inevitability of a successful career in the music industry. After appearing on the NBA 2k22 soundtrack, his future appears to be even brighter as the single is set to expand his growing legion of fans.

Accompanied by an extraordinary video that captures the journey he has been on, “Toyota Tales” is the perfect example of when an artist believes in themselves and constantly rises to the challenge. The son of a Nigerian DJ father, that melodic heritage is on full display as Neek delivers a laidback flow and then rises to the vocal challenge as the track requires.

“This record was inspired by real-life events,” Neek says. “My first car was a 1996 Toyota Camry, then my 2nd was a 2006 Camry. To me, my Toyota’s were a symbol of both struggle and strength. It was a significant piece of my journey that I embraced then and still do to this day. This record is for the ones who can relate.”

Storytelling is of primary importance as his lyrics navigate luscious beats and a locked-down groove. This is where the video holds its own as it is a throwback to better times when artists invested in the process as an essential part of experience. Refreshingly authentic and designed to inspire his audience, Neek understands his responsibility to engage the soul as well as the mind. His passion to chase what he loves to do is writ large in “Toyota Tales” as the loss of his elder brother has taught him that life is too short to stand still.

“I hope the main message people take away from me is to always be yourself,” he continues. “You actually don’t gotta fake it till you make it.”

Influenced by Drake, Kanye, Meek Mill, Burna Boy, Jorja Smith, Brent Faiyaz and more, Neek clearly has learned from his peers and is breaking new ground with each consecutive release. “Toyota Tales” is the next step on the Neek evolution, and what a drive it promises to be!

“As a person who feels like he has a message to spread, music amplifies my voice,” Neek says.

“As an artist we have the ability to create different types of energies and vibes that get people through all types of situations. That’s inspirational to me. It gives me purpose.”

Check out the visual for Neek’s “Toyota Tales” below, and let us know what you think: