New Ryuichi Sakamoto Album Opus Announced: Listen to New Version of “Tong Poo”


Milan Records will release a new album from the late Ryuichi Sakamoto, Opus, on August 9. Leading the album is a new, solo piano version of the Yellow Magic Orchestra classic “Tong Poo.” Listen to it below.

Opus captures Sakamoto’s final concert performance, which his son, Neo Sora, filmed for a documentary of the same name. The film will premiere online on Sunday, June 30, at 8 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on the Criterion Channel. After the streaming premiere, the documentary will be available exclusively on the Criterion Channel.

Read “Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Son on Directing His Father’s Final Concert Film, Opus” on the Pitch.


01 Lack of Love
02 BB
03 Andata
04 Solitude
05 For Jóhann
06 Aubade 2020
07 Ichimei – Small Happiness
08 Mizu no Naka no Bagatelle
09 Bibo no Aozora
10 Aqua
11 Tong Poo
12 The Wuthering Heights
13 20220302 – Sarabande
14 The Sheltering Sky
15 20180219 (W/ Prepared Piano)
16 The Last Emperor
17 Trioon
18 Happy End
19 Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
20 Opus – Ending