Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi Reenact ‘Dance Flick’ Scene: ‘A Good Father Always Picks up His Son’


Cannon is seen walking through the front door of Tiesi’s residence and says “I’m here to pick up my son” before picking their child, Legendary Love, out of her arms and into the air. After a tender moment between father and son, Cannon hands the infant back to Tiesi and says “Alright, I’m out.” “He’s such a good father,” mouths Tiesi.

This isn’t the first time Cannon and Tiesi have stepped into their acting bag for social media. Last week, the pair uploaded an original skit to Instagram where Cannon struggles to sleep while Tiesi keeps her focus on emails with her bright phone screen. “I guess you makin’ all the money,” Cannon says. “Your bread, your bed.”