Nicki Minaj Makes City Girls’ JT Recite Her Diss Song During Instagram Live


Nicki Minaj confronted JT of the City Girls over an old diss song during a recent Instagram Live session.

The two rappers were in the middle of a conversation on IG Live when Nicki questioned JT about the track and told her to recite the lyrics.

“I could tell you were a troublemaker ’cause you was doing, saying all type of crazy shit and doing diss records about me when you were in the car,” Nicki told JT. “How that song go? Rap that song right now.”

The City Girl happily obliged and recited her lines, which appeared in a video from before the Florida duo blew up and later circulated online in 2019. “My diss song? Wait, what it say? Nicki can’t rip no fucking beat / She ain’t even from the streets,” she rapped.

When JT began to falter and forget her rhymes, Nicki interjected: “No, finish it, keep it going.”

JT replied: “Wait, I don’t remember. Nicki can’t rip no fucking beat / She ain’t even from the streets / I’ma drop you like a bag of groceries,” prompting a laugh from the Queen rapper.

Attempting to explain her lyrical jabs, JT told Nicki: “In my delusional mind, in my scammer days, I was just so mad. I don’t know why I was so mad. I’m sorry. I love you.”

As the clip made the rounds online, both Nicki Minaj and JT took to Twitter to provide more context to the clip, shutting down the notion that there was tension between them when JT’s diss song came up in the conversation.

“Y’all so delusional EYE wanted to repeat the song I made in my car!” JT wrote. “& we was LAUGHING the whole live like a phone convo…..we talked about literally everything & it was allll laughs.”

Nicki replied: “Man fuck these DUDS, babe. Everyone on the live KNOWS how DOPE it was from beginning2end. We were havin fun, bein silly. It’s a lil freestyle she was actually MAKING UP OFF THE TOP OF HER HEAD IN HER CAR. Since yall keep tryin to pull her down, ima go MAD hard for her. WATCH.”

Elsewhere during the Instagram Live, JT expressed how Nicki is one of her idols and revealed she wrote her best work after studying the greats that came before her.

“As female rappers, when we go in the studio, we have to study Nicki Minaj, and that’s just the truth,” she said. “As a writer I have to get inspiration and I go to Nicki and I tell my engineers, ‘Damn, this bitch cold. How the fuck has she did this for so many muthafucking years?’”

She added: “When you pick the right idols and the right people to study, your talent goes far. And J. Cole said it, ‘I study my idols.’ You have to study people and get that shit down. That’s when my best verses come out, when I study.”

The Instagram Live link-up comes shortly after Nicki Minaj recruited JT for the “Queen Mix” of her latest single “Super Freaky Girl,” which also featured BIA, Katie Got Bandz, Akbar V and Maliibu Miitch.