Nicki Minaj Responds To Accusation She Overlooks Her Female Fans With Surprise Competition For The Barbz 


Like any global superstar musician, Nicki Minaj has her own loyal base of fans, superfans and stans. 

The NYC icon’s loyal fanatics are branded The Barbz, and members regularly go to bat for their idol online. However, the love goes both ways, with Nicki Minaj showing love to her devoted cohorts, following them on social media and adding them to live chats, among other privileges. 

So, when she was accused of neglecting female Barbz on Tuesday (August 30), Nicki Minaj immediately sprang into action. 

“Shout out to the women Barbz in this fanbase,” one fan wrote on X (formerly Twitter). I feel like we often get overlooked in this fanbase.” 

Nicki Minaj Issues Competition For The Barbz

Nicki Minaj responded with “Could never. Would never. Ever!!!” before issuing a competition for five women from The Barbz to come and hang out with her. For fans who don’t qualify, the “Pound Town” hitmaker also promised special gifts. 

“Use the #LastTimeISawYou hashtag & post the last photo or tour video you have,” she added. “If you don’t have that, tell me why I should choose you. Love you Love you Love you.”

In a follow-up post, Minaj offered to fly out the lucky fans to come and hang out with her. She asked The Barbz to answer a series of questions to determine who to select.  

“1. Are you a woman barb?,” she began. “2. Have I ever met you? 3. What country do you currently live? 4. How long would the flight to LA be? 5. Would you be able to fly out tmrw or following day? 6. Do I currently follow you on TWITTER?” 

The Barbz flooded the responses with entries coming from female fans across the globe. However, Nicki Minaj spared no expense and offered to fly fans in if they could arrive quickly enough.  

“How long would the flight be? What day would u be able to fly out?” she asked a Brazilian fan.