NLE Choppa Yells In Pain While Getting Sleeve Tattoo Dedicated To Son He Lost


NLE Choppa recently got some new ink but, from the looks of things, he almost couldn’t handle it.

The Memphis rapper uploaded a video to his TikTok of his latest tat appointment, but judging by his reaction, the session didn’t seem to be going well. Choppa is seen closing his eyes and screaming as the tattoo artist remains composed.

“Damn You Dig Deep, Pause !!” Choppa captioned the video.

Judging from another video posted to his Instagram, NLE Choppa’s latest ink is a detailed quarter-sleeve on his inner forearm that contains an angel sitting on a brain in the clouds, a detailed sketch of a human heart with flowers emerging from it, and a lifeline sign that one would see on a Holter monitor in the hospital.

The word “Seven” in bold lettering is then placed above all of it. The ink was meant as a tribute for Choppa’s unborn son Seven, who died as a result of a miscarriage his girlfriend Marissa Da’Nae experienced back in March.


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“Talking bout this is so hard,” Da’Nae wrote on Instagram at the time alongside a photo of NLE Choppa. “But with Bryson next to me and being my supporter, this has helped me more. Losing our Son is so hard for me, I couldn’t function. But he has pulled me through and I’m thankful to have you by my side and with me along this journey. There’s a lot of women who suffer the things I suffer and go through the same things I go through.”

Choppa decided to hit the studio to put his thoughts to paper to process his grief, and he shared his feelings with the world in a new track called “The Gender Reveal Song.”