$NOT Ghost Rides His “BENZO” in the Latest ‘Ethereal’ Video


Lashing out at the world from behind his ever-present hoodie, $NOT sublimates his curmudgeon tendencies into aggressively catchy rap songs. Sharing a hedonistic clip for one of his most confrontational songs to date, the 24-year-old artist shares BENZO.” Produced by PinkGrillz88 and regular $NOT collaborator Eem Triplin, “BENZO” combines dynamic 808s with ominous, tolling bells, creating a bass-boosted canvas for $NOT to describe the various ways he’ll mess you up if you cross him: “Coming out the coupe, we them troops/All we do is point and they shoot at you.” Directed by NOTACHANCE, who applies a similar VHS-like grain that he used in $NOT’s latest video 5AM,” the video for “BENZO” finds the hooded rhymer taking his Mercedes Benz out for a joy ride, accompanied by wheelie-popping roadsters and dirt bikes, before he heads to a chaotic function and lets out his aggression on the bathroom mirror. Amidst all the chaos, the video pauses for a moment so $NOT can indulge in his longtime desire to become a gas station clerk. “BENZO” follows in the wake of “5AM” and the the AWGE-directed video for “Doja” ft. A$AP Rocky, as the latest video from $NOT’s project Ethereal.