Olivia Wilde’s Taylor Swift Subtweet Blasted For Hypocrisy


On Friday night, Olivia Wilde posted a tweet that read “I wish Taylor Swift was in love with a climate scientist” to her Instagram story. Swift has faced a lot of criticism for her excessive use of a private jet. However, Wilde should have known better than to go after Swift as the Swifties descended on her. Despite the more general, the more valid point of criticism is that Wilde’s relationship with Harry Styles has seen her jet-setting across the US and Europe. She’s just as bad as Swift when it comes to flying around the world.

While Wilde is an outspoken climate advocate and even launched an eco-friendly clothing brand, calling out another celebrity for their excessive travel is not the best of looks. While both celebs may also invest in carbon offsetting, carbon offsetting is a deeply flawed solution in practice. Regardless, Wilde’s intentions were good but misplaced given her own faults. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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Swift Not In Minnesota For Chiefs Game

Meanwhile, Swift does not appear to be in Minnesota for the Chiefs game against the Vikings. Swift has been at the last two Chiefs games to support boyfriend Travis Kelce. Furthermore, a big deal about a potential Swift appearance in Minnesota. The Mayor of Minneapolis went as far as to welcome a Swift appearance. Meanwhile, several Vikings players said they wanted to make life tough for Kelce in front of his girlfriend.

However, at the time of writing, it appears that Swift has not made the trip to US Bank Stadium. With the game still in the first quarter at the time of writing, there is still time for a Swift appearance. Although, it appears unlikely at this point. Perhaps Swift will return to her attendance when the Chiefs return home to host the Broncos for Thursday Night Football this week. Be sure to follow HotNewHipHip for all the latest Traylor news, as well everything sports and music.

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