During a post-sentencing press conference, Bonjean called the additional Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organization (RICO) act charge “inappropriate.”

“These were not a RICO act violation,” Bonjean said at the 2:36-minute mark. “These were isolated events that happened many years and the government simply tried to plead around the statute of limitations to bring in a RICO charge, which was inappropriate.

“All I can tell you is there was no enterprise. There was no enterprise. It was one man with allegations by a number of women, which doesn’t make it an enterprise, and that is why he’s not guilty of racketeering.”

Kelly was placed on suicide watch following his sentencing, Bonjean confirmed, but she denied he was thinking of taking his own life. Prosecutors who spoke with prison officials told Bonjean he was only given those conditions because of his celebrity status.

He was ultimately taken off suicide watch after his attorneys filed a lawsuit against Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center.