Ray J & Brandy’s Mother Gives Health Update Following Recent Hospitalization


Earlier this week, it was reported that Ray J and Brandy’s mother Sonja Norwood was hospitalized after having a bad reaction to at-home IV therapy. TMZ shared that Norwood’s IV treatment included C and B vitamins, calcium, and magnesium. According to the outlet, she started to feel light-headed after the treatment, and had to lay down due to rapid breathing. Ray J and other family members then decided to call an ambulance, and Norwood was taken to a nearby hospital.

Now, she’s shared an eagerly-anticipated update with supporters on Facebook, revealing that the health scare was nothing too serious. “I don’t usually address stories about myself,” she began. “But I was quite surprised to wake up to a call from a long-time friend/publicist asking, ‘Sonja, are you in the hospital, and are you okay?’ ‘What? Where is that coming from?’ I asked.”

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Sonja Norwood “Doing Great” After Bad Reaction To IV Vitamin Therapy

Ray J and his mother Sonja Norwood (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

“There was a TMZ story that I was not aware of,” Norwood continued. “She sent the link, and when I looked at it, I frowned and said, ‘That was weeks ago.’ And, ‘They could have gotten my age right.’ Then the floodgates of concerns just took over my phone. I had no idea the responses would be so huge to the point I couldn’t address them one by one, so I felt the need to say something publicly.” She went on, assuring fans that she’s doing well now that she’s back at home. “Thank God I am not in the hospital. I’m doing great! I did have a negative reaction to an IV VITAMIN Therapy WEEKS AGO! It was not a big deal. I went to the hospital and got a big Grade A on my medical reports,” she explained.

“It’s known that I seek medical attention if there could be a potential health issue at my age,” she added. “That is about it! Nothing more or less! You guys are the best! [heart emojis]. Don’t be mad with TMZ.” What do you think of Sonja Norwood’s health update following her recent hospitalization? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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