Rick Ross Upset After Being Denied Entry Into Buckingham Palace


Rick Ross has aired his grievances against London’s Buckingham Palace after the royal residence denied him entry.

“Alright so y’all saw me go to Buckingham Palace,” Rozay said on his Instagram Story after sharing a clip of him arriving outside the gates of the palace. “I pulled the homie to the side and told him you know, who I was, the Biggest Bawse. And for one of the first times in a long time that didn’t get me in. It didn’t get me through the gates.”

However, all was forgiven after the person Rozay spoke to directed him to a luxurious local food spot instead.

“I didn’t get to sit at the table,” Ross explained, “but what he did do was refer me to a spot and they said they’d be waiting on me and I can pick the lobster I wanted to eat so I forgave him.”

Rick Ross was in London linking up with some of the Black Bottle Boys, including DJ Jonezy and XO Man, and hosted an event to celebrate his Luc Belaire Global Brand Ambassadors.

“Want to thank all of our @officialbelaire GLOBAL BRAND AMBASSADORS #BELAIREUK for an amazing event and growing closer to greatness!” Rozay wrote on Instagram. “Here’s a few images while in London with some hustlers & pls TAG everyone you recognize in the pics & Now’s the time to join the click.. follow everyone TAG’D.”

While Rozay didn’t gain VIP access to Buckingham Palace, it’s true the MMG mogul is quite used to “getting a seat at the table” as he put it. According to him, he’s always worked amicably with his business partners and recently said he’s never been brought to, or had to take, anyone to court.

“You gotta realize when you a young artist I’m sure after you become successful whatever you look back on you will consider it a bad contract,” Rick Ross said during an interview with the Beyond The Chair podcast.

He continued: “Have I ever been taken advantage of? No. Have I ever been robbed? No. Have I ever had to sue someone I was in business with musically? No.”

“It was just the way I moved I guess. Whoever I was in the contract with we always had an open phone conversation, so if there was anything that was a problem I presented it and just explain it to me. If it’s respectable I’m gonna respect it because I always felt like any contract I signed whatever couple years it was I could work myself out of this.”