Rolling Loud California Announces New Admission Policy After Astroworld Tragedy


Since the Astroworld tragedy, many have been wondering about the future of festivals when it comes to ensuring the safety of concertgoers. Earlier this week, on Monday November 22, Rolling Loud California announced on their Twitter that they would be introducing an age limit for their upcoming California festival.

“We welcome everyone to experience our festivals, however in light of recent events, we will be implementing an 18+ policy specific only to our upcoming 2021 California festival,” Rolling Loud tweeted.

Much like Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival, Rolling Loud had been open to people of all ages. However, following the 10 deaths and multiple injuries that occurred at the festival, including the death of 9 year old Ezra Blount, those in charge of Rolling Loud made the decision to implement the age limit.

However, the new policy is only in effect for this festival, not future festivals. The festival will also give refunds to those under 18 who bought a ticket or give them the chance to have their ticket rolled over to RL 2022.

In response, some praised the festival for implementing a age limit, while others argue that the policy should be permanent.