Rubi Rose Catches Heat For Saying Non-Black People Can Use The N-Word


Rubi Rose has said she’s okay with non-Black people being able to use the n-word provided it’s not used with “malicious intent.”

The Atlanta rapper appeared on Adrian Ross’ Twitch channel on Monday (August 8), where she mistook the popular streamer as a light-skinned Black man. When Ross clarified he was white, he then began to ask Rose if that meant he could use the n-word.

“I’m personally OK with anybody saying it, as long at their intent isn’t to be rude,” Rubi said alongside several others Black men in the group stream. “Because I’m sure, Adin, you love Black people. You have a lot of Black people on your channel, you love Black music, probably.”

She continued: “So, as long as the person isn’t saying it with malicious intent, personally, ’cause I have like Mexican homegirls and white homegirls who be saying it, I don’t care about other people. We’re friends and they are cool with it.”

Rubi Rose’s comments have drawn ire from the internet, with many people taking to Twitter to adamantly disagree with her.

“Dear White Folk,” one user wrote. “Just know Rubi Rose was speaking for herself and herself only. Do not go around saying n-gga because she said it’s ok.”

Another added: “Rubi rose pretty but got 2 teaspoons of brain just floating in her head cause girl what.”

Rubi Rose’s latest comments come after a UK Wu-Tang fan was fined £500 over the weekend for using the n-word while rapping the lyrics to the group’s debut single “Protect Ya Neck.”

According to The National, Kyle Siegel, a 25-year-old white man from Norgaet, Lerwick, was recording himself rapping the 1993 song for TikTok while standing in a women’s bathroom stall, which unbeknownst to him housed a mixed-race woman one stall over.

Siegel admitted to using the word during a hearing at Lerwick Sheriff Court; he was ordered to pay the fine plus an extra £20.

Roddy Ricch received some similar flak earlier this summer for encouraging the mostly-white crowd at London’s Wireless Festival to sing the lyrics to his diamond hit “The Box,” n-word and all.

People on social media were quick to comment on a video of the moment that showed a heavily-white crowd rapping lyrics like “suck a n-gga soul.”

“Many a n-gga was sung, nary a n-gga was seen,” someone tweeted while another said: “Ya’ll really thought all them white ppl in that Roddy Ricch performance weren’t gonna say ‘n-gga’? At this point i don’t even cringe when i hear stuff like that, it’s just expected…smmfbbh.”

Check out some of the Rubi Rose responses below: