Safaree Samuels and Fans Speak Out Following Spice Being Snubbed at the Grammys


While this past Grammy Award show wasn’t half as shocking as the most recent Oscars award show, some were still left with their mouths open following the reveal of award winners on the special night.

Lil Nas X was amongst the list of celebrities who didn’t win a Grammy award; however, he kept a positive attitude in hopes of winning at the next award show. The 22-year-old artist was nominated for 5 Grammy awards before uploading a video on Instagram, sharing that he didn’t take home a trophy.

“I ain’t win no Grammys, that sh*t hurt my feelings, that sh*t finna make me cry,” he sang on social media. “Zero out of five, that’s how many Grammys I won. That sh*t made me cry, that sh*t made me cry.”

The following day the “Industry Baby” singer posted a more uplifting tweet on Twitter. “Last night was my favorite performance yet,” he wrote. “A fun night in general. We lost all our grammies but that just mean it’s time to go even harder! Love y’all.”

Like Lil Nas X, reggae artist Spice also hopes to win a Grammy award next year. Many fans were upset that the well-known reggae artist lost the award to a white reggae group called SOJA. In support of Spice, Safaree Samuels, who is well known for paying homage to his roots, expressed his disappointment in the decision on social media.

“A white reggae group I never heard of beat spice in best reggae album?” he penned. “The Grammys never cease to amaze me. I wish artists would just really not go to that bullsh*t! They never know what they’re doing when it comes to giving out their trophies! Grammys GO SUCKKKK YUHHH MUMMAAA!!”

While many Spice fans were pretty upset on social media, Spice penned an encouraging message on her Instagram, sharing that she is still grateful to have come this far. “Besties don’t cry we’ve come along way,” she began.

“Remember I came from Homeless to this day so I’m really still very humbled and grateful, I see all your support and disappointments but you know we never give up, we back at it again tomorrow!! I love you all so much, watch little Gracie pan Grammy red Carpet.”

While Spice and Lil Nas X are remaining wishful for the next year, fans of the artist can’t help but express their opinion, believing that the decision is unfair. Check out the discussion below.