Saucy Santana Brings Big Energy To The Club After Storming Out During Erica Mena’s Arrest: Video


Prior to social media, celebrities had a lot more freedom. Now, anyone in the spotlight is constantly subject to being photographed or recorded, and potentially exposed on social media. It’s made infidelity far more difficult and has certainly added plenty of stress to nights out at the club. Saucy Santana experienced an uncomfortable situation this past weekend. He went out with his boyfriend, ZellSwag, as well as Bambi Benson and Erica Mena of Love & Hip-Hop fame. According to the “Booty” rapper’s retelling of events, the latter of the two reality starlets got far too drunk. She eventually began tussling with security attempting to calm her down.

Rather than stick around to witness the situation, the 29-year-old quickly fled the scene of the crime – as caught in a hilarious video circulating online. “I got the f**k out of dodge ‘cuz I don’t play that,” Santana told his followers on IG. His Friday (August 25) night shenanigans may have ended early. Still, that didn’t stop the Connecticut-born performer from heading out and bringing big energy to another venue later on in his weekend.

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Saucy Santana Had One Wild AF Weekend

In a video that appears to have been taken on Saturday, Santana dances and smiles while entering a nightclub to celebrate someone’s birthday. The bottle girls surrounding the RCA Records artist were grinning ear to ear as he hyped them up. Clearly, the dancer was in a far better mood than he was when Mena, Benson, and his man began getting physical with security on their evening out.

Outside of all the drama with his boyfriend and the women of Love & Hip-Hop, Saucy Santana is also in the news today for supporting an up-and-coming artist. Blueface’s first baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis, caught the XXL Freshman’s attention with her latest single. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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