Saucy Santana Says Erica Mena’s Drunken Behaviour Lead To Bar Fight As Mugshots Are Released


Jokes about Donald Trump and his political partners’ mugshots have been running rampant online for the past few days. While we certainly don’t want them to stop anytime soon, another group of socialites is giving the former POTUS a run for his money with unflattering shots of their own. As you may have heard, Love & Hip-Hop starlet Erica Mena was arrested in Atlanta on Friday (August 25) night at a bar with a group of friends. In the hours since the news first broke, we’ve been wondering what resulted in the reality star getting physical with co-star Bambi and ZellSwag.

When footage of the altercation hit the internet, we found out that Saucy Santana was there too. Rather than stick around to witness the drama, he stormed out of the venue, and this afternoon, he took to social media to explain what really went down. “So, last night my ni**a was not fighting no girls,” the “Booty” rapper said of his partner, Zell. “He had got into it with the security/the authorities. He was out with his homegirls… Erica was very belligerent, I don’t know maybe she got too drunk. She was real wild last night,” Santana emphasized.

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Saucy Santana Spills the Tea

“She got into it with the security guard, there were probably like three or four guards on top of her,” the Southern recording artist further dished. Being a man watching his female friend in that situation wasn’t easy for Zell, so naturally he jumped in, resulting in his arrest as well while he tried to de-escalate the situation.

“I got the f**k out of dodge ‘cuz I don’t play that,” Santana noted, making it clear that his man knows he’s not one to put his reputation on the line for a night out with friends, especially at this point in his career.

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Erica Mena’s Mugshot Released

Who do you think had the better mugshot this week, Erica Mena or Donald Trump? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to check back later for any updates on the L&HH starlet’s battery arrest.