Scott Disick Says He’s ‘Terrible’ in Bed Following Car Crash, Cites Health Issues


On the latest episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians, Scott Disick claimed that he’s “terrible” in bed following his car crash last year.

As reported by TMZ, Khloé Kardashian visited her sister Kourtney’s ex-boyfriend and he admitted that he’s still suffering from back pain that has gotten worse over time after he was involved in a car crash in California in August 2022. “Since then, everything has changed in my life,” he told a doctor as he went to get his MRI results with Khloé. “I haven’t been able to run around, I’ve gained weight.”

Disick was told that he’s still at the point where he’s able to fully recover from the crash without surgery, but only if he’s willing to put the work in. “Whatever I got to do to not get, like, open back surgery,” he said. When he was asked what he would do for fun before the crash, he simply replied, “Sex.” He continued, “But now I can’t move. So, I’m terrible.” Khloé asked if that could serve as “motivation” to fix his back, and he replied, “Get back on the wagon to fuck? … No motion for me!”

During a confessional in the same episode, Khloé, 39, said she was concerned for Disick, 40. “I think Scott maybe needs a little pep talk, because this is probably the unhealthiest I’ve seen him,” she said. “He’s barely mobile, and it’s all from his back, so that wouldn’t make anyone feel good.”

At another point, Disick joked, “I’m happy to commit to this and maybe on my 40th birthday, maybe me and you…,” to which Khloé replied, “Maybe you bumped your head.”

Disick was involved in a car crash last year in Calabasas that left his Lamborghini SUV on its side. Authorities said that he smashed into a stone mailbox and was left with only minor injuries. Additionally, he was not inebriated at the time of the wreck. Despite splitting from Kourtney Kardashian in 2015 after almost a decade of dating, he has remained close with the Kardashian-Jenner family. Kris Jenner wished him a happy 40th birthday earlier this year and said he “will always be a special part of our family.”