Skinnyfromthe9 And Capone Fight, Throw More Jabs On IG


In a newly-surfaced clip, Skinnyfromthe9 is seen getting into a public brawl with comedian Capone. Apparently, the situation unraveled after Skinnyfromthe9 accused Capone of “snitching” on his brother. In the clip, the duo are seen going at it, while various onlookers try to break things up. The fight didn’t end there, however, as they both later took to social media to trade some additional blows.

Skinnyfromthe9 shared a different clip on Instagram, which appears to show Capone walking around holding an ice pack on his face following the altercation. “Who you touch?” he begins. “Why this n***a walking around with a ice pack and his phone took,” the performer continues. “Boy you a rat #FreeJosh f*ck ya dead man’s. stop getting hands and feet put on u and coming on ig to cap somebody get this goofy some more ice … this that mook n***a chink Capone BOY HAD TO CHANGE HIS OUTFIT CAUSE HE WAS LEAKIN!!!!” He then went on to share a clip of him holding what seems to be Capone’s phone, telling him to come get it back.

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Skinnyfromthe9 And Capone’s Public Battle

As expected, Capone had his own read on the situation. He shared a clip of the fight itself on his own page, claiming to be sick of people like Skinnyfromthe9. “Been puttin my hands on rats and rappers for a minute N***as know not to play w/ me,” he captioned it. “His security tried to hold me the whole time he KNEW not to even touch me. Had em curled up like a baby.”

He then proceeded to post a video discussing the incident, in which he warns Skinnyfromthe9 and others not to mess with him. Capone also says that if the artist wanted to fight, he should have just set up a boxing match for money. “I push peace but don’t play w/ me idc who you is!” he captioned the video. “And if he tough he’ll fight me for the bag cause he won’t do it in the streets for sure ! Turkey burgers ain’t winnin no more I AM!”

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