Snoop Dogg Says He’s Gonna ‘Bite’ Slick Rick’s Libra Chain: ‘That Shit Too Hard’


Snoop Dogg is always working on something — whether it’s a solo album, performing at the Super Bowl with Dr. Dre or his latest business venture, the man is busy. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t leave a little room for fun.

On Wednesday (April 6), the new owner of the Death Row Records brand posted a photo of himself in the studio with Slick Rick, wearing nine of the Hip Hop pioneer’s elaborate chains. In a follow-up video, Slick Rick tells Snoop to put his hood back on as he removes them one by one with Snoop singing, “Until the end of time, Rick would adorn me/Take off this gold of mine.”

Snoop Dogg also gets a little education on Slick Rick’s Africa piece from an unidentified woman in the video and zeros in on Rick’s Libra chain.

“This piece, I saw Rick draw this,” she says. “I don’t know Rick that long, but I was going through some of the archives of Rick’s and he drew this in 1980-something before he bought anything. Like in 1983, 84, he drew this and this.”

Snoop — who was born on October 20 — then points to the Libra piece and says, That’s so fucking dope. I’m getting this. I’m sorry, I gotta bite that. I’m a Libra, so I can. I got to bite that. That shit too hard.”

Slick Rick showed off his massive jewelry collection in a 2019 interview with GQ and talked about what it was like before he could actually afford a chain.

“Back in the days, when rappers used to start off, we used to have to borrow the jewelry before we could purchase it,” he said. “So, that’s why you hear a lot of rumors where they say, ‘You don’t own that. You don’t own this. You borrow it. Da da da.’ Back in the days you’d say that a lot. But it was true. But it’s not a bad thing; it’s just you have to sell yourself like ‘Cinderella.’”

He later explained where he thinks the jewelry trend started, saying, “Well, I’ve been in this jewelry game for a minute. Since the very beginning. You know, the only people that were before people like me and Rakim and Eric B. and them cats, was like Mr. T. So, Mr. T was our role model, before us.” He also cited singer Sammy Davis, Jr. as another inspiration too, especially displaying rings while holding the microphone.

Check out the video below.