Soulja Boy Snaps On DJ Vlad Over ‘Temper Tantrums’ Taunt: ‘I Made You’


Soulja Boy has responded to DJ Vlad after the interviewer accused him of having “weekly temper tantrums” about him.

Vlad took to Twitter on Tuesday (September 27) to claim his VladTV platform gave Soulja his biggest interview of his career. He also offered him a chance to sit down and talk things out instead of calling him out online.

“Hey @souljaboy, VladTV was already hot when we gave YOU your biggest interview,” he wrote. “And unlike that SayCheese screenshot you showed, you don’t even have a top 20 interview on Stop having weekly temper tantrums about me & sit down with me in person anytime.”

Soulja Boy replied in a tweet, writing, “I made you, Vladimir.”

DJ Vlad’s comments came after Soulja Boy called out various rap bloggers, including Vlad, during a recent Instagram Live session.

“DJ Vlad, you a bitch, right? So be a bitch then, n-gga,” he said. “Don’t act like you a gangsta, n-gga. Don’t get on the internet talking about, ‘Pull up.’ You’s a bitch, right? Yo, when you got your ass beat, you filed a lawsuit, right? Right. You ain’t ever shot nobody, right? No. You ain’t ever killed nobody, right? No. You don’t own a gang, right? No. You’s a bitch, right? Yes.

“You interview people, right? Right. So stop playing with a fucking real n-gga when you’s a bitch, n-gga. You interview people and ask them have they shot people, right? You don’t get interviewed about shooting people. You interview people and you fascinated with they gangsta stories, right? Right. People don’t interview you and ask you about your gangsta stories, do they? No.”

He added: “So continue to a be a bitch, n-gga. Stay in your fucking lane.”

Soulja Boy previously called out DJ Vlad in July 2021 for betraying his trust and speaking to the people who broke into his home in 2008.

“Fuck that pussy ass n-gga,” he said at the time. “That n-gga went and did an interview with the n-ggas that broke in my house and I shot. These n-ggas tried to kill me and my homeboys. I ain’t never doing no interview with that pussy ass n-gga again in my life.

“You got some fucking nerve, Vlad. You’ve got some fucking nerve, n-gga. Asking me for a fucking interview, pussy ass n-gga, after you went and interviewed the n-ggas that broke into my house. You’s a bitch, n-gga.”

He continued: “Fuck your $20,000, pussy ass n-gga. All them police ass questions, n-gga. Police ass n-gga, you the police, n-gga. I don’t give a fuck what nobody say, I’m calling it. 12 ass n-gga. Why the fuck is you asking me about a shootout in my house anyway, pussy ass n-gga? Ask me about my album, ask me about my music.”