‘Spider-Man 2’ on PS5: 21 Easter Eggs, Trivia References, and More Secret Gems


If Marvel’s Spider-Man (2016) innovated the formula and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2018) refined it, then Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, out now on PS5, surely perfected it. As stated in our review, the game is cut from the same stencil as its predecessors, but that’s not a flaw; that’s just a statement on how good the first game has been to begin with.

The best parts of Spider-Man 2 are self-evident: the tight controls, the feel of the web-swinging, the visceral feel of the combat—you can almost see the “THWACK” that would accompany each hit if this were a comic book. But the fan service, from the numerous Easter eggs to the callbacks and inside jokes for die-hard Spidey fans to pore over, is also on point and ensures that you feel like Spider-Man in addition to moving like him.

We platinumed the game and found the 21 best Easter eggs and references for gamers to enjoy. We’ve also broken down those mid- and end credit sequences. It goes without saying: Spoilers ahead! You’ve been warned.

1. Man of the People