The Game Calls Out Instagram For Suspending Kanye West’s Account


The Game has come to Kanye West’s defense after Instagram reportedly suspended Ye’s account for 24 hours due to violating policies on hate speech, harassment and bullying. The ban stopped Kanye from posting, commenting or sending direct messages, with the platform threatening to take further steps if his actions toward Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, D.L. Hughley, Trevor Noah or anyone else continue.

But the Compton rapper questioned why certain posts relating to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are allowed on Instagram, while Kanye West “speaking his truth” isn’t.

“IG funny as hell with what they say violates their policies etc…,” he wrote. “It’s a whole war going on in Ukraine & hate posts surrounding it that add fuel to the fire + Africans being violated & barred from crossing borders to safety with racists comments/content attached.”

He continued, “and y’all zero’d in on Ye’s posts about the protection of his children, his fatherhood & him speaking his truth in defense to the coonery displayed by other verified users on this app that further complicate his situation in regards to his family. #FreeYe @kanyewest #Numinati.”

More of Kanye West’s rapper friends such as French Montana and Fivio Foreign took to Twitter to react to the news of him being suspended from Instagram.

“They suspended my dawg Kanye off instagram he about to make his own social media platform,” French Montana wrote.

Fivio Foreign added, “Damn the Illuminati is serious.. They took YE gram ? SMH wtf did gang do ? Real answer tho.”

The suspension came into place shortly after Kanye West called The Daily Show host Trevor Noah a racial slur, with the post no longer available.

“All in together now,” he wrote alongside a Google search screenshot of Noah. “Koon baya my lord koon baya Koon baya my lord Koon baya Oooo’ lord Koon baya.”

Kanye West posted about Trevor Noah after he made comments about the way Kim Kardashian is being treated by him.

“You may not feel sorry for Kim,” Noah said. “Because she’s rich and famous; because the way she dresses; because she appropriates Black culture; because she tells women they’re lazy; because she broke the internet and then didn’t put it back together, whatever, you hate her … but what she’s going through is terrifying to watch.”

He continued, “What we’re seeing is one of the most powerful, one of the richest women in the world, unable to get her ex to stop texting her, to stop chasing after her, to stop harassing her. Just think about that for a moment. Think about how powerful Kim Kardashian is, and she can’t get that to happen.”