The King of Love Rap Honors His Title With Hit Single “Smile”


Taylor Made Da Prince is turning out to be a vital national treasure that needs protecting; this acclaimed creative from Columbia, SC has been channeling his artistry that is rooted in candid lived experience and powerful instrumentations. With the help of his enigmatic and impactful musicality, Taylor Made Da Prince is stealing hearts from his USA hometown to overseas as more and more listeners find themselves unable to resist his love abounding charms!

“Smile” is the latest addition to his beguiling catalog and it is worthy of every hype it has been generating. It has to count for something as I write this, I can still feel the melodies and vocals from this track haunting my head and escaping through my ears; – it’s a distinctive addictive quality that this track possesses & which I found fascinating. Taylor Made Da Prince melodic rapping flow compliments the instruments he picks so perfectly in this tune. In as much as the track has its obvious features in rap, the harmony and delivery honors R&B sound impeccably. The addition of the backing female vocals do well to heighten the impact a listener gets off of this tune and also underscores its catchy attributes!

The instrumentals here have that epic, orchestral vibe to them with the bright drums, the arpeggiated keyboard, catchy organic riffs and the steady bass lines fashioning a big, bold sound. Taylor Made Da Prince’s melodic flows with his powerful and commanding vocals slink through with clarity and resonance!

The whole of this performance is charming and in a way underlines the theme from a male point of view who has been smitten by a strikingly beautiful woman and he wishes to make it his sole purpose to always ensure the smile on her face never dries up!

The song “Smile (Remastered) 2023” is a perfect addition to any music lover’s Playlist. However, it serves as Taylor Made Da Prince‘s latest single for the year 2023.

The Production of this impressive record “Smile (Remastered) 2023” was masterfully handled by the gifted producer, N-Soul.

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