The Messiest Moments From Season 5 Of ‘Love Is Blind’


When: Episode 5 and 6

JP and Taylor’s love story was promising until it took a dramatic turn when they arrived in Mexico. The couple had their hearts set on each other since the beginning, becoming one of the first couples engaged. But, their romance quickly faded after the pair’s “awkward” phase never vanished. In search of trying to find their groove, JP disclosed that his weird actions are due to an unhinged distaste for makeup. “I understand that you tried to present yourself and look as best you could, but I feel like if you were to present yourself like this, without any makeup, it would have been better. It felt like you were fake,” JP admitted. 

“That’s why the communication has been off and different, because I felt fake?” Taylor questioned for clarification. 

“That’s what started it off. You had a caked-up face, fake eyelashes. I’m being honest, and I’m sorry that’s so hard to hear. You presented fake stuff,” he responded. 

The argument went south, with Taylor zoning out, saying, “Sorry. I am fucking done with that conversation.” She stood her ground, saying, “I am still going to do what I want to do. If I want to wear makeup when I go out, I am going to wear fucking makeup.” 

Eventually, the two called it a night in separate rooms, which resulted in Taylor ending the relationship in the morning (*round of applause*). 

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