The TourBox Is Like a Third Hand for Digital Creators, and It’s on Sale!


When your creative juices are flowing, the last thing you want to be hindered with is technical issues and time-sucking processes that come with your favorite software. That’s where TourBox comes into play. Considered the “ultimate controller for creators,” this tool gives you the ability to navigate your favorite drawing software, video-editing programs, and more without ever infringing on your train of thought.

Compatible with both Windows and macOS and designed to use alongside your mouse or tablet, the TourBox provides you with carefully crafted controls capable of performing whatever creative tasks you need. Ideal for graphic designers, editors, illustrators, and more, this helpful gadget takes the repetitive, logistical mumbo jumbo out of digital creation, leaving more room for you to create. 

Get the TourBox here at over 10% off, making it just $149.99.

Price subject to change.