Top Emerging Artists From Hip-Hop’s New Generation


Hip-hop emerged as underground music, and today, it is the most popular genre of the 21st century. The same has happened to rock in the 60s,’ but the hype was suddenly over in the 00s’. However, with hip-hop, it seems like the excitement over the genre is only getting stronger with new promising faces entering the scene. In this article, we listed the top up-and-coming artists from hip-hop’s new generation. 


Tha MESSAGE is a product of the aggression and pain we collectively share as human beings. Here to give a voice to all of those who resonate with his words and relate to his struggle. Tha MESSAGE represents all of the black sheep, outcasts, and Underdogs. Check his latest release “Infamous” below:


Worthing, UK-based trio NOISY delivers refreshing sound with radio-ready quality. Their energy is enchanting. ‘Put A Record On’ will be a great start for getting to know the band. 

3.Goya Gumbani

Based in London, New York city born Goya Gumbani releases music with the best traditions of Brooklyn’s urban scene. If you’re a fan of old-school hip-hop, his music will be a perfect choice. You can start with “Blasé”:

2.J. Lee

J. Lee is a highly promising Korean-American R&B and Hip-Hop emerging star from sunny California. He displays soulful, melodic, and simultaneously hard-hitting R&B sound, yet his hip-hop is strong and confident. The artist’s latest releases, “Mask On My Heart,” ”Make her Mine” and “Down,” are the next level of perfection showcasing the artist’s best skills and talent. The song “Down” features Billboard artist Ted Park. You can enjoy them below: 

1.Rob Pluto

As the artist’s Spotify bio reads: “Rob Pluto amassed 11k followers, over 90,000 (“Kid with a Dream” just hit 36,000) streams on Spotify alone, earning his spot on over 80 playlists.” One of the artist’s recent releases, “Lost In Da Sauce,” will definitely catch hip-hop lovers’ attention.