Vince Staples Says Mac Miller Refused To Take Any Publishing Royalties From Their Collaborations


Vince Staples has given Mac Miller fans yet another reason to continue to fiercely adore him long after his untimely passing in 2018.

During his recent appearance on REVOLT’s Drink Champs podcast, the Long Beach MC opened up to N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN about his years-long relationship with Mac Miller.

While sharing his love and respect for the Circles rapper, Vince explained how Earl Sweatshirt initially introduced the pair — which caused him to take rap much more seriously and ended up changing his life.

“I wasn’t really making music at that time,” Vince started off. “Earl [Sweatshirt] had came back and I was just you know moving around with him making sure you know he was straight and shit. And I introduced myself to him and he was like, ‘I know who you are why don’t you make beats or whatever why don’t you make music,’ and I say, ‘I don’t got no beats and he’s like, ‘Ight I’m making some beats come over here on Friday,’ and then that’s how we ended up making music and being cool.”

Vince says their relationship continued to blossom over the years and revealed Mac gave him the ultimate gift of ownership in 2013 after producing his breakout Stolen Youth LP mixtape.

“And then he took me on tour and he didn’t want no publishing,” Vince revealed. “He said, ‘If you make a million dollars buy me a S-Class Benz or something like that,’ the whole project [Stolen Youth LP] he gave me ownership of it he just said if you if you make a gang of money just give me like a S-Class — and then took me on the road and paid for my room and board and still paid me. So yeah you know that was the homie.”

The 27-year-old went on to acknowledge how instrumental Mac Miller’s friendship and support was for him during his first critical years starting out as an artist.

“He did more for me — and it’s honestly like as far as in the time of my life when I needed it,” Vince proclaimed. “Because you gotta think, at that point I already put like two music projects out and it wasn’t really I wasn’t fucking with it. I was like I’m gonna go back to what I know,’ type shit — and my cousin just got shot and he almost died so that turned it all the way up for me you know. My focus wasn’t on music at all.”

Released in June of 2013, Vince Staples’ Stolen Youth LP  included features from AB-Soul, Joey Fatts and Da$h and was home to many of his early hits such as “Back Selling Crack” featuring ScHoolboy Q and “Heaven” with Hardo and Mac himself.

Vince Staples goes on to discuss how he overcame his hatred for Tyler, The Creator to build a unique friendship and detailed his love for Trick Daddy in the two-hour-plus podcast episode.

Watch the full interview below.