Viral ‘Not Real’ Plane Woman Shares the Shocking Truth of What She Saw… Nothing?


Gomas clarified she never said she saw anything but was referring to “that motherfucker back there is not real” as an expression of speech to describe the person she was arguing with on the flight. Despite explaining she got into an argument, Gomas wouldn’t reveal what the fight was about, only saying she gave up her aisle seat and there was “bad energy” around.  

“I got in a bit of an altercation. It spiraled out of control. It was not my best moment. I mean, it was actually a horrible moment. Absolutely mortifying.”

She added, “I was just in my feels. I just needed to get off that [flight.] I was highly distressed. Not a good look. It was not a good situation.”

Gomas might have experienced a traumatic moment, but she has been able to enjoy some of the interest that fans are giving it, such as those who dressed up as her for Halloween. There were two costumes that Gomas said she saw on social media that she approved, one being a baby “that was adorable.”