Wack 100 Makes Bold Claim About Will Smith And Tupac


There’s been a lot of talk about Will Smith recently. Most of it is coming from Jada Pinkett Smith who has been doing a series of bombshell interviews to promote her new memoir. She shared that her marriage to Will has essentially been over since 2016. She described their relationship as living “entirely separate” lives. That came as a surprise to many who remembered Will defending Jada in the famous Oscars slap.

Another person who has been looped into the fray is Tupac. The rapper is also a part of Jada’s history and she is dropping new details even from that far back. Now in a new interview Wack 100 became the newest person to give his thoughts on Will and Pac, and he didn’t hold back. “Put some respect on Will Smith name, bro. The only thing ‘Pac did better than Will was got killed better in real life. Other than that, he can’t f*ck with Will on nothing. Music-wise, Will was hotter than ‘Pac. Will was hotter than ‘Pac before ‘Pac was hot — this a fact.” Check out the full interview below.

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Wack 100 Claims Will Smith Is Better Than Tupac

Part of the drama comparing Will and Pac came from details Jada revealed about the late rapper. She described him as her “soulmate” and shared with fans that he once proposed to her while he was in prison. Despite that she believes that Will and Pac would have become good friends if they got the chance.

For Will Smith’s part, he has taken the drama in stride. He shared a video of himself ignoring the notifications on his phone to Instagram. He followed that up with another Instagram post where he trolls fans with a fake “official statement” on the matter. What do you think of Wack 100’s claims that Will Smith was a better rapper than Tupac in the 90s? Let us know in the comment section below.

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