Watch King Von’s ‘Wayne’s Story’ Video


King Von lives on.

The late rapper’s family celebrates his legacy by releasing the gripping video for “Wayne’s Story,” one of Von’s favorite visuals from his final project, Welcome to O’Block.

Like “Crazy Story,” “Wayne’s Story” was created with the intention of it being a trilogy. While it was not completed, the first part of the treatment written by Von serves as a testament to the 26-year-old’s talent and storytelling.

“It’s a story about a shorty and he just grew up bad,” Von told UPROXX in one of his final interviews. “He started young. He trying to hit a lick. He tries to go rob a guy named Wayne. Wayne sees him trying to rob him and they get in a shootout. The boy gets away, but Wayne ends up killing the boy’s cousin. It’s just crazy.”

In addition to “Wayne’s Story,” Von’s team plans to continue to share unreleased music, videos, and interviews that were completed prior to his death.

King Von was killed following a shooting outside an Atlanta nightclub on Nov. 6. A man has been arrested and charged with felony murder in the death of the Chicago rapper.