[WATCH] YNW Melly’s Friend Says He Should’ve Smoked Weed Before He Took The Stand


The highly publicized YNW Melly double murder trial has created a myriad of viral highlights, from the notebook and mugshot from his lawyer Raven Liberty to Melly blowing a kiss during the trial. Today (July 10), one of Melly’s friends took the stand and said he wish he smoked a stress reliever before he came to court today.

The defense called Traveon Glass to the stand to ask him about the night that YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy were murdered. The derense asked Glass about his marijuana smoking habits and then questioned if whether or not he smoked before taking the stand. Glass replied, “No. I should have,” which drew laughter from the people in the courtroom and members of the jury.

Glass was also asked if he saw YNW Melly with a gun, which he denied. However, Glass admitted to seeing Melly wearing a change of clothes at Fredo Bang’s house later that night.