Westside Gunn Honors Late WWE Legend Scott Hall On Twitter: ‘I’m Named After This Man’


WWE Hall-of-Famer Scott Hall passed away at the age of 63 on Monday (March 14) and Westside Gunn — who sometimes goes by his Hall alias in honor of the wrestling legend — paid homage to one of his childhood heroes with a touching tribute.

“SCOTT HALL I LOVE U BROTHER I’m named after this man ‘HALL’ my style the chains, the ‘Ayooo’ everything is this man I didn’t wanna be Jordan I wanted to be SCOTT so thankful he became a friend & knew how much I loved him I’m truly heartbroken right now,” he wrote.

The Griselda rhymer went on to share a photo with Scott Hall putting him in a playful headlock and then Westside Gunn also showed off a tattoo he has honoring the nWo co-founder on his left leg.

“They’ll NEVER be another SCOTT HALL,” the wrestling fanatic added.

Scott Hall was hospitalized after breaking his hip earlier in March. He then suffered three heart attacks due to complications from the hip replacement surgery on March 12 and was placed on life support. After being taken off life support on March 14, Hall passed away shortly after.

Back in 2015, Westside Gunn and his brother Conway The Machine teamed up for “Hall & Nash” in a tribute to the former WCW tag-team champions of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, who also went by The Outsiders.

Listen to the track below.

HipHopDX sends its condolences to the friends and family of Scott Hall.