Y’all Doing Too Much With The Ice Spice & Taylor Swift Stank Breath Clip


If you haven’t caught it yet, there’s a viral clip of Ice Spice and Taylor Swift at the 2023 MTV VMA Awards in which people are alleging the “Deli” rapper was floored by the Eras lyricist’s breath.

While it is completely unclear why Ice Spice was curling up her lips up while T. Swift was having a word with her, but of course social media trolls took the clip and ran with it.

“Ain’t no way Ice Spice saying Taylor Swift breath stank that bad [Skull emoji],” one Twitter user wrote in a tweet featuring the bizarre clip.

The memes were also completely outrageous, emoji bombing and overall just out of pocket in nature. But believe it or not, expert VMAs sources have seemingly debunked the #StankBreathSwift rumors.

According to a report from Pop Sugar, Swift and countless other celebs in attendance were drinking an “off menu” cocktail with a recipe proven to keep a palette unobstructed by liquor breath.

The drink in question comes complete with a “surprising mix of Bacardi Superior Rum and coconut water.” Sources add sprigs of mint were also in the mix—so if this was Swift was sipping on, it’s likely she wasn’t moving mad with halatosis. Regardless of the tiny blunder, the pair appeared to be having the time of their lives.

Check out more clips of Spice Swift kicking it like the best of friends below.