Young Guru Sets Record Straight On JAY-Z ‘Dissing Birdman’ On Pusha T’s ‘Neck & Wrist’


The Hip Hop community is still picking itself back up after Pusha T dropped his fiery new single “Neck & Wrist” featuring JAY-Z and Pharrell earlier this week. King Push delivered as expected, but it was Hov who stole the show with his incredible wordplay.

The Roc Nation boss addressed several topics in his guest verse, including actor Fazion Love’s comments regarding the validity of his hustling past and his status if The Notorious B.I.G. was still alive. But there’s one bar that fans have been closely dissecting given JAY-Z’s status as the king of double (if not triple and quadruple) entendres.

The Brooklyn rap legend’s longtime engineer, Young Guru, hopped on Twitter on Wednesday (April 6) to show love to one particular line from Hov’s “Neck & Wrist” verse that he says has multiple layers of meaning.

“We not talking about this line enough ‘I blue bird money, y’all talk in Twitter feeds’ It’s like 5 meanings here!!!!,” he tweeted.

It didn’t take long for fans to flood Guru’s replies with their theories about the hidden meanings behind JAY-Z’s clever wordplay. While references to Twitter, cocaine quantities and actual birds were mentioned, some thought Hov subliminally dissed Birdman, with whom he’s had issues in the past.

“Blue bird (Twitter). Blew Bird (Birdman) money. Blew bird (dope money),” one fan tweeted. “Ties it in ‘yal talk on Twitter feeds’. TOUGH.”

However, Guru wasted little time in shutting down the notion that Jay took a shot at the Cash Money mogul in his verse. “I’m sorry but as many meanings as you can pull from this by no means is this a Birdman diss!!!” he retorted.

The beef between JAY-Z and Birdman dates back to 2009 when the Cash Money Records co-founder claimed Lil Wayne was both a hotter and higher-paid rapper than Hov.

Jigga clapped back at Baby on his 2011 Watch the Throne track “H.A.M.,” rapping, “I’m like, ‘Really, half a billi, n-gga, really?’ You got baby money/Keep it real with n-ggas, n-ggas ain’t got my lady money.”

Weezy got involved when he dissed JAY-Z and his wife Beyoncé on his Tha Carter IV track “It’s Good,” but Hov dished out another shot at Wayne on Magna Carta Holy Grail‘s “La Familia.” Since then, things have quieted down, until Birdman once again brought up Hov’s name in an interview with REVOLT’s Big Facts Podcast in September 2021.

“As a man, I accomplished more than all of them,” he stated. “And I don’t say that in a disrespectful way, I’m not trying to be disrespectful. But the reality of it is, none of these dudes accomplished more than me in the music business. Not one of them, I don’t care what name you say, accomplished more than me. That’s facts. No if, and, or buts about it.”

He continued, “I don’t think they did more than me. And you can ask [Diddy] yourself, he’ll vouch for it. You can ask JAY-Z himself, he’ll vouch for it. They ain’t accomplished more than me in this music business and that’s facts. Yeah, I did that. Big bank, big boy. I did that, brother, no cap.”

Listen to Pusha T and JAY-Z’s “Neck & Wrist” below.