Young Thug’s Girlfriend Jerrika Karlae Calls Him the ‘Devil’


There’s trouble in paradise for Young Thug and Jerrika Karlae.

The couple appears to be leaving their relationship in 2020 after Thug’s longtime girlfriend took to Twitter to put the Slime Language rapper on blast, calling him the “devil” and even accusing him of abuse.

“single 2021…” Jerrika declared on Sunday (Dec. 27) before airing out her boyfriend.

“Why misuse and abuse something or someone, why not leave them be! That’s some narcissistic sh*t. You behind the scenes painting pictures of me, like ima f**ked up individual…when you the devil.”

In a since-deleted tweet, she also called him a “manipulative devil.”

After receiving backlash from Thug’s fans, Jerrika clapped back. “F**k out my mentions, if you support anything other than my happiness f**k off and unfollow me,” she wrote. “Ppl that go out they way to show other ppls flaws to make themselves look better scare me.”

“Ain’t going back and forth about shit that happened three years ago , 2020 came with a lot of problems! Imagine worrying about the past !” she continued. “Y’all be supporting females that scream positivity but stay in drama and doing sucker sh*t , I stay to myself and mind my business ! Miss me wit it.”

The couple met in 2013 before getting engaged in 2015. In addition to running her Karlae Swimwear line, Jerrika is the first female artist signed to Thug’s label, Young Stoner Life Records.

See some of her remaining tweets below.