Yung Joc Questions Why Gay People ‘Announce’ Their Sexuality: ‘That’s Your Business’


Yung Joc doesn’t understand why people feel the need to make a public announcement when it comes to their sexuality.

The “It’s Goin’ Down” rapper sat down with VladTV‘s Shawn Prez for a wide-ranging interview during which he questioned why gay people feel compelled to go public with their sexuality.

“My only question is why do people have to come out,” he said around the 1:50 mark. “I be like, ‘Damn, today is the day you want to come out? Why you want to come out?’ For me, I get a lot of tension when I have this conversation with people. I always ask what’s your sexuality got to do with what the fuck we got going on?

“Hey guy, if you wanna suck some penis, do that! That’s your fucking business… Why does everybody have to come out and be like, ‘Hey, I’m gay!”

Yung Joc eventually answered his own question, pointing to people feeling “liberated” and not feeling the need to “hide” in plain sight anymore.

The former Bad Boy signee got on to the subject after talking about how children with celebrity parents can struggle to find genuine friendships in life due to their mother or father’s fame.

Check out Joc’s interview below:

Yung Joc was arrested in May on child abandonment charges. The Atlanta native ended up only spending less than an hour behind bars in Gwinnett County.

After claiming he went above and beyond for child support payments, Joc explained that the arrest happened once he lowered the cash flow as he was saving up for his 2021 wedding to Kendra Robinson.

“I had been paying so much money up ahead because I didn’t want no smoke,” he explained. “Once I realized like, ‘You know what? I don’t have to pay you this much money. I’m about to get married. I gotta take my time and put finances toward my wedding’ … Now, the mother got mad and felt like, ‘No, you supposed to keep paying me this.’”