Yung Miami Orders Fans To “Leave Her Daddy Alone”


Yung Miami has made it clear that she doesn’t play around when it comes to family. The City Girls rapper recently took to Instagram to confront a few over-eager fans regarding her father. Apparently, after she shared a clip of her pops dancing around, some began to press the 29-year-old about her father’s dating life. However, Yung Miami doesn’t seem to be entertaining the foolishness.

“Y’all still inquiring about my dad because then I’m finna have to be cussing y’all hoes out, and doing all that,” she said in a clip posted to The Neighborhood Talk‘s Instagram page. “I don’t have to be doing all that with you, hoes. So just leave my daddy alone. Y’all don’t like older men anyway, ain’t it?”

Yung Miami And JT Have Returned With A New Track, “Face Down”

She continued: “…Like just leave my daddy alone. ‘Cause my daddy gonna be calling me saying he got this hoe over here, and imma be like, ‘put this b*tch on the phone, you got my daddy f*cked up.’ B*tch, don’t be doing all that, for real.” The “Act Up” rapper later revealed that the clip of her father was from a recent party she held for her mother’s birthday. “My momma is an August Virgo, and my daddy is a September Virgo. And they are two different Virgos.” She also joked about her dad’s stellar dance moves.

On the music front, while they have yet to release an album date, the City Girls have returned with a new track. The duo’s latest effort, “Face Down,” captures the essence of the Miami natives. Featuring alongside an accompanying video, the two look better than ever as they advise women about getting what they want from men. In an April interview with The Cut, Yung Miami opened up about what fans can expect from the City Girls’ next album. “I don’t know like, it’s coming and it will sometime this summer-for real, for real, for real.” She continued, “When you’re doing a project, takes time. We’re trying to sit through it and make sure that’s what we want to put out. It’s gonna hit different.”

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