Yung Miami Tells JT Why Scorpio Is Her Favourite Zodiac Sign To Date


In their music, the City Girls often rap about wreaking havoc in the lives of men with their salacious scamming antics. In real life, however, JT has long been boo’d up with fellow rapper Lil Uzi Vert. She even recently hinted at wanting them to put a wedding ring on her finger. As for Yung Miami, she’s spent over a year in a situationship with Diddy, despite him welcoming a baby with another woman.

Both women have spoken candidly about the ups and downs of their love lives through the years. Earlier this week, the City Girls sat down for a Complex interview. At the time, they discussed some of their romantic preferences. “GOAT zodiac sign to date?” Miami asked her partner in rhyme in the video below. “Sagitarrius, what?” the “Ex For A Reason” artist responded, despite the fact that Lil Uzi is a Leo. Clearly, JT sees herself as the prize, as she celebrates her birthday each year on December 3.

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Yung Miami and Diddy Discuss Dating Different Signs

For her answer, the Caresha Please host (an Aquarius) revealed that she prefers to spend her time with Scorpios. “They womanizers,” Miami explained. Unsurprisingly, her “Act Bad” collaborator just so happens to fall under that sign, and he’s built a reputation for himself as a ladies’ man within the industry. Earlier this year, the mother of two confirmed that she and Diddy had put an end to their unique situation, only for her to attend the Met Gala on his arm shortly after.

Yung Miami may not publicly claim Sean Combs as her man, but still, she’s never been afraid to flaunt the ways in which he spoils her. Most recently, it was the Maybach he purchased for the City Girl back in 2022 that had her bragging about how good her “pu**y” is. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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