Zoey Dollaz Talks Launching Bulletproof Car Service: ‘My Rap Friends In Danger’


Zoey Dollaz has spoken in more detail about the bulletproof car service he’s been pushing for celebrities to use, revealing he had the idea before his own experience with gun violence.

In a recent interview with On The Radar Radio, the rapper was asked whether he created his “bulletproof uber” service after he was almost killed in a drive-by shooting back in 2020, but he said the idea was already there before the incident.

“I created my bulletproof car service because my peers, my rap friends, they’re in danger,” Dollaz said. “They wait till we get onto the highway and try and spray us.”

He continued: “Football players that come from the hood they gotta go back to the hood and see their people, but we see the stories of them getting harmed up so I’m like you know what? Let me create like an uber but with bulletproof vehicles, and I did that.”

Dollaz added that during his own shooting, he had taken his mom’s new Mercedez Benz out for a spin, which wasn’t bulletproof.

The Dreamchasers signee has been pushing his new fleet of rental cars for a few weeks now, starting back in July during Miami’s Rolling Loud weekend, which sold out in a matter of days.

Elsewhere in the interview, Zoey Dollaz spoke about his new Haiitan-influenced Hibachi restaurant and said that despite having just released a new project titled Thank You For Doubting Me — which he also spoke about — business ventures such as his restaurant and car service are where he’s been directing his attention lately.

“The rap industry will try to put you in a box like, ‘nah you need to focus on being a celebrity and a star,’” he said. “What happens when it slows down?…that’s why as a rapper you need to not worry about being hot you need to worry about being big.”

He continued: “What keeps me wealthy is business. Real estate, restaurants, things that people need. Essential stuff that’s good for people. People gotta eat.”

Watch the full interview with On The Radar Radio below, with Zoey Dollaz business talk starting around the six-minute mark.