50 Cent Claimed Lil Kim Only Got On “Magic Stick” Because Trina “Messed it Up” 


Despite his long-standing feud with Lil Kim, 50 Cent revealed she was once the perfect fit for a song he designed for Trina.  

The G-Unit founder opened up about the 2003 single “Magic Stick” during a conversation on Apple Music with Rebecca Judd about his 2002 debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin’

According to Fiddy, he wrote the song specifically to work with Trina, but things did not go as planned.  

“[‘Magic Stick’] was written for Get Rich or Die Tryin. And then it didn’t make it. I wrote that record intentionally to work with Trina. I sent it to Trina,” 50 Cent explained. “They f##### up the record, they sent it back. F##### up. They had the lyrics and everything on it and they messed it up.” 

Nonetheless, 50 Cent said the track was saved when Atlantic Records A&R Gee Roberson stepped in.  

“Roberson came and got it from me, heard the record and was like, ‘Yo, I need this. I need this for Kim. I need it.’” 

While 50 Cent says Lil Kim “had made a good record,” he claims it lacked the sexually charged energy The Notorious B.I.G. “created for her to have success in our culture.”  

Referencing her La Bella Mafia cut “The Jump Off,” he added, “it didn’t tap into what [The Notorious B.I.G] was doing when he designed what Kim was. ‘Magic Stick’ was spot on for her. That was the right thing.” 

Despite his praise for 50 Cent’s and Lil Kim’s relationship soon soured following their collab. Fiddy addressed the rift in 2003 Hot 97 freestyle. 

“I wrote Magic Stick, I gave Kim a hit, then I wouldn’t shoot the video, she threw a lil fit,” he rapped. “Why would I care bout your emotions, you’re not my b####.” 

Lil Kim fired back on her next project, dissing 50 Cent on “Spell Check,” which featured on her fourth studio album, The Naked Truth.