Rising Star with Roots – Teflon Kwam’s Journey from LA to Recording Artist

Hailing from Los Angeles California, Kwamhe better known as Teflon Kwam, has been producing, writing and recording behind the scenes with legends for the past 6 years. His Mexican and Black roots give him a diverse and

Horse ‘ El Caballo ‘ Wren Brings Rap and R&B Music Biggest Stars & Major Label Executives Together For His 2ambitious.com Documentary Series!

Following the substantial success of being screened at over 40+ independent film festivals from as far as Germany to Africa. 2ambitious.com is the first all-original rap industry documentary and soundtrack featuring Mega music stars and label executives

Eden’s Dying – Lil Lappy’s Musical Plea for Buffalo’s Revival

In the realm of music, there are artists who use their platform to shed light on social issues and bring attention to the struggles faced by their communities. One such artist is Lil Lappy, whose latest song,

Shreveport’s Rising Music Artist, Big T, Set to Release New Single “Chokehold” via Push Global Entertainment and The Orchard

Shreveport, Louisiana – July 7th, 2023 – Renowned music artist Big T is once again ready to captivate audiences with his latest single, “Chokehold.” The highly anticipated track is set to be released by Push Global Entertainment

LVX Billz Drops New Sports Anthem “100 Yards”

Brooklyn-born, Harlem-raised forthcoming artist LVX Billz  (Ron Billz) is the one to bet on! He recently dropped off his most recent single, “100 Yards” which is now available across all digital streaming platforms to listen. “100 Yards” can

Defining A New Era in Hip Hop: A Close Look At Rising Star Lul Bankro

As the digital sun sets over another bustling week in music, a new star has begun to rise from the urban tableau of Memphis, Tennessee and Houston, Texas. Introducing Lul Bankro, a dynamic multi-genre artist who brings

Stevieknocks Billboard Chart Producer Set To Release New Single With Killy & Billyracxx

Stevieknocks has given fans an update on his much-anticipated joint album with Billyracxx Called Alien In My City which fans have been Excited for since it was teased back in May. The Billboard Charting producer also expanded

KFN Buck: The Trailblazing Artist Looking To Take Hip Hop To New Heights

KFN Buck a.k.a Darryl Conway is an incredibly talented rapper and inspiring entrepreneur from West Baltimore. He discovered his passion for music as a teenager, impressing friends with his natural ability to freestyle and produce outstanding music.

Rising NYC Artist HandzOn Shares New “850 Freestyle” Video

Emerging NYC-born, Tallahassee, FL based artist HandzOn is on his way up the ladder, and he recently entered the summer with a new visual release for his official “850 Freestyle” — a record from his latest project

Serial Entrepreneur Overcomes Homelessness to Build a Quarter-Million Dollar Beauty Brand and Empowers Others to Achieve Financial Freedom

Atlanta, July 15th – Kaylyn Janee , a remarkable serial entrepreneur who once found herself homeless in 2017, has defied all odds and achieved remarkable success with her quarter-million dollar beauty brand. Her incredible journey from adversity