Here at HIPHOPMAGZ we are addicted to explore new music and share our discoveries with the audience that we are continually growing since 2013, when Charles Grimmet, a NYC-native and obsessed with the rap industry guy, started blogging at

Besides improving our page, and making sure our readers get only fresh and quality content, our statement has always been covering artists and supporting independent musicians.

As our team and website grow, we still believe in talents and strive to promote as many Hip-Hop artists as possible. It has been our passion since the website kicked off seven years ago, and we are proud of thousands of musicians we have thrown some spotlight on.

Most months the HIPHOPMAGZ’s views count around 300K and it has been as high as 400K some months. This brings many readers hungry of news on Hip-Hop and rappers seeking for opportunities to promote their music.

Every day we receive hundreds of emails including, pitches, submissions, interview inquiries, suggestions, pieces of advice, and many other messages that we are not even allowed to point out here…

But always the most important were submissions, dozens of them every day.

We truly hate rejecting submissions and believe that all artists deserve an opportunity to promote their music. Our team would love to review every music we receive and feature each release.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible.


That is why we are constantly looking for contributors, who are as passionate about Hip-Hop as we are, and are willing to support our quest to feature as many talented artists as possible.

If you would like to join our creative team-send us your writing sample on [email protected], and we will get back to you within 24 hours! In the subject, please write “Contributing,” so the email won’t get lost!

HIPHOPMAGZ team contains 7 professional editors and journalists, and we provide editing and coaching to promising writers who want to learn and grow.

Looking forward to having you onboard!