50 Cent Concerned For Diddy Amid Second Sexual Assault Lawsuit: “This Is A Lot” 


50 Cent has gone from trolling Diddy to sharing his concern for the Hip-Hop mogul following reports he’s the subject of another lawsuit. 

The G-Unit founder has been mocking the Bad Boy Records boss since news of Cassie Ventura’s shocking lawsuit emerged. She claimed Diddy sexually and physically abused her throughout their relationship. The suit also accuses Diddy of drugging, raping and sex trafficking Ventura to multiple male prostitutes. 

Diddy denied the claims, and the former couple settled the bombshell lawsuit within 24 hours. However, allegations from another alleged victim soon emerged.  

Joi Dickerson-Neal accused Diddy of drugging and assaulting her in 1991. The plaintiff claimed Diddy took her on a date, but she began feeling woozy. She alleged he later sexually assaulted her and filmed the encounter, which he later showed to “everyone.” The stress of the incident caused her to drop out of college, and she was diagnosed with clinical depression. 

Diddy vehemently denied the allegations through a spokesperson who claimed the suit was “purely a money grab.” 

After multiple posts mocking Diddy, including one joking about making a “Surviving P Diddy” movie, 50 Cent had a change of heart.  

“I told you, I just said and here they come in 5,4,3,2,1,” he wrote on Thursday (November 230 referring to an earlier post predicting further lawsuits. “I don’t know WTF going on here this is crazy.” 

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In a follow-up post, 50 Cent shared his concerns for Diddy writing, “Damn I hope he alright if you cool with him check on him.” Putting aside the jokes, he added, “This is a lot.” 

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