50 Cent Shares Clip of Comedian Eddie Griffin Roasting Diddy Over Assault Allegations


50 Cent is not slowing down when it comes to trolling his longtime rival Diddy.

In a post on Instagram page, alongside an image of Diddy hanging out with disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein, Fif shared a clip of comedian Eddie Griffin addressing the allegations of sexual misconduct against Diddy by at least four women. “Diddy did it,” Griffin said, as seen in the clip below. “He did it. Did he do it? Yeah, he did it. Take that, take that, take that. That n***a on his way to jail.”

During the stand-up set, Griffin suggested several people in the industry have been waiting for the day Diddy faced potential jail time. “Suge Knight been waiting on it,” he continued. “You getting tired of your celly dancing in your videos? All up in cell block C, dancing and shit, come on over to Death Row, baby.”